Prevom works and networks outdoors from 10 to 14 June.

Join us for coworking at the Landscape Office in Rumst


The way we work has undergone a real transformation in recent years. In the past, the idea of an outdoor coworking space might have been unthinkable, but thanks to new technology, a lot more is now possible.
A perfect example of this is the Landscape Office in Rumst, an event that combines working pleasure, networking and relaxation in a unique location.
And we are happy to participate in this inspiring event this year.

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What is the Landscape Office?

The Landscape Office is an event entirely about outdoor working pleasure. Organised on the site of sports club De Klinkaert in Rumst, this location will be transformed into a dynamic outdoor coworking space.
A programme will be offered that brings together work, networking and fun. The concept is simple: put your employees outside and let them benefit from an inspiring environment that boosts their productivity and creativity.

Why work outdoors?

People perform better in an inspiring environment. The opportunity to work outdoors not only provides a breath of fresh air to clear the mind, but also a unique experience.
Working outdoors has many benefits, such as improved concentration, increased productivity and a positive effect on well-being. This event provides the perfect opportunity to put these benefits into practice.

Inspirational networking

One of the biggest advantages of the Landscape Office is the chance to meet new and inspiring people.
During moments of inspiration, networking, or relaxation, you are likely to engage in conversation with fascinating interlocutors in a convivial atmosphere. Sharing ideas, gaining new insights and expanding your professional network are just some of the many benefits this setting offers.

The programme

The programme for the Landscape Office has been carefully designed to provide a balance between work and relaxation.
People can make use of the outdoor coworking space to carry out their daily tasks, while also having the opportunity to participate in various networking activities and relaxation moments.
Whether it’s an inspiring lecture, an outdoor communal lunch, or a sporting activity, there is something for everyone.

Visit us and follow a demonstration.

Prevom demonstates

Prevom is offering some interesting demonstrations on Friday 14 June.

Firefighting initiation

During our firefighting initiation you will receive the necessary tools to react appropriately if a fire breaks out in your organisation!

The training consists of two parts. The theoretical part gives you a brief introduction of what fire actually is, what conditions must be met, what extinguishing agents exist and how to handle them correctly.
Then we move on to practice, extinguishing a number of small fires.

This way, we link practice to theory.
Our instructor Jef will come on site with all the necessary material and give 2 one-hour workshops.

Registration for this initiation is mandatory and can be done here.

Ergonomics at work

Healthy posture is hugely important, especially for those who often sit at a desk and do not move much while working. Do you often or always work behind a PC? Then neck and back pain lurk around the corner.

More than 40 % of people who work at a PC every day have to deal with it at some point.
Ergonomics is about our posture in and interaction with the working environment. Whether you work in a warehouse, on a construction site or in a workshop: even those who do not work at a desk all day benefit from healthy ergonomics.

During this session, we will give you tips and tricks on how to improve ergonomics in your workplace.

Registration for this session is mandatory and can be done here.

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