Learn how to put our small fires
using small extinguishers

Extinguishing with small fire extinguishers (open session)

Are you prepared for emergencies? Do you know how to fight a sudden fire effectively or when and how to use the right extinguishing agents? And perhaps more importantly, how could the fire have been prevented?

It is essential that every employee has basic knowledge of firefighting because, according to the Codex Book 3 Title 3 of Well-being at Work, every employer must establish a firefighting service any number of employees present in the company. This approach makes it possible to ensure that there will always be at least one person who is likely to be able to intervene when a fire starts, but also allows the size and resources of the firefighting service to be adapted to the fire risks present in the company.


Learn how to extinguish a small fire in 4 hours

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Powerful training in fire prevention by
trained experts

Thanks to our experienced instructors, you will always learn the most effective firefighting techniques.

Training in extinguishing and using small extinguishers ensures that you can act correctly in the event of a fire to prevent worse. Proper training in the use of small extinguishers can be crucial in fire prevention and saving lives in fire incidents.

We will help you strengthen your skills!


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Training dates

Victor Dumonlaan 4A,
2830 Willebroek (Antwerpen)

190 per person excl. VAT
  • 4 hours
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch included




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