Training prevention advisor II

Training prevention advisor II by Cresept

We are pleased to announce that Prevom is offering PA II training in collaboration with our trusted partner Cresept. This training is provided entirely by Cresept’s experts, so you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience.

Preventieadviseur 2

Prevom and Cresept: recognized training partners

We attach great importance to the quality of our training courses. This is why we make every effort to continue to guarantee this high quality.

For this training we collaborate withCresept. Cresept is recognised for the Flemish Training Leave and ISO9001 certified.

Please note that you cannot use the SME portfolio for this course.

Prevom has successfully completed a Qfor audit.

This quality label (aimed at training courses and consultancy) is indicative of the quality of our training courses.

We are committed to guaranteeing the quality of our training courses in various ways.

Prevom is a BeSaCC-approved examination centre. This means that Prevom is officially allowed to conduct exams for personal SCC certificates (SCC basic and SCC SOM).

Prevom works together with various organisations in the construction sector.

Our customers are therefore eligible for a premium for certain relevant training courses (such as safety training for the construction sector).

Teaching method

Customised course

In collaboration with experts within prevention, an updated course is carefully put together which is conveyed in an interactive manner by our safety instructors.
This course is delivered digitally only.

Teaching moments

The training consists of 36 class and 2 exam days: 20 days for the multidisciplinary basic module and 16 days for the specialization module. There will be one class moment per module where an instructor will introduce students to the subject, with plenty of time for questions and interaction.

Module-based learning

It is taught in modules.
This makes it easy to keep track of course progress.

Content and structure

Basic multidisciplinary module

The basic multidisciplinary module provides a general education in the different areas of employee welfare at work, the main risks and the main methods of management.

This module responds to the training needs of both internal and external prevention advisors from different disciplines who wish to pursue a Level I or II specialization.

Specialisation module

In the specialisation module, certain topics are explored in depth and the main emphasis is on the practical aspects of prevention. Thus, participants acquire the necessary know-how and skills to fulfill their tasks.
This module can only be taken after passing the multidisciplinary module.

216 hours of learning

The multidisciplinary module covers 120 hours and the specialisation module 96 hours, spread between classes and individual practice and testing moments.

Interactive learning

Our experts are happy to share their years of experience in different sectors with our trainees.

Lunch included

Lunch will be provided during each day of class for a break with your favorite sandwich.


Below is an overview of upcoming training sessions.
The training consists of 36 training days (from 8:45 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
with an exam on the last days of both the multidisciplinary and specialisation modules .

Booking method

Booking can be done via our online platform (with direct confirmation and payment) as well as via e-mail or telephone.

If you need more information or support, you can always reach us!

3095 per person
  • 36 training days + 2 exam days
  • Certificate in additional training for level II prevention advisors
  • Lunch included

Multidisciplinary module

Specialisation module


14/02/2025 (exam)


27/06/2025 (exam)

Target groups

Level 3 prevention advisors who want to further enhance their knowledge of safety & wellness.

Employees who may take Level 2 training from their company and will be head of the prevention service in a Group B company.

Employees who may a training for their company to be the adjunct of a level 1 in a company group A.

Employees whose company requires Level 1 Prevention Advisor training and wants to take the basic multidisciplinary module.

Prevom: a recognised training partner

We attach great importance to the quality of our training courses. This is why we make every effort to continue to guarantee this high quality.

Prevom has obtained various qualifications and recognitions thanks to this proactive attitude.

Contact us

We will be happy to answer all your questions about this course.

Whatever sector you operate in:
Prevom has the right expertise for you!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You must:

  • Hold a certificate of higher secondary education


  • Have completed basic level prevention advisor training (Level III) + have 5 years of useful experience in a prevention service.

Even as an individual, you are more than welcome no matter what industry you are in if you meet the eligibility requirements above.

We are committed to sustainability. Therefore, we decided not to offer paper courses. By taking a digital approach, we support a greener future and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Students must be present in class sufficiently. A minimum attendance of 80% of total class hours per course module is required. Each class, the “attendance list” should be signed off by students in both the morning and afternoon.

In case of absencedue to illness, professional or family reasons, the student must notify Prevom in advance or on the day itself. By the next class at the latest, the student must provideproof of legitimate absence (doctor’s certificate or employer’s certificate legitimizing the absence). After 5 days of unauthorised absence, the student will receive a reminder. After 6 days of absence, the employer will be notified with the possibility of the student not being allowed to take the exams.

You can also take only the specialisation module after completing the basic module.

Yes, you certainly can, if you meet these conditions.

No, you cannot use the SME portfolio for this course.

The evaluation of the knowledge acquired by the trainees, their skills and “maturity” to perform the function of prevention adviser is tested, among other things, on the basis of a Dutch-language written examination at the end of both the basic multidisciplinary module and the second-level specialisation module. Those who pass the written examination of the basic multidisciplinary module  receive  a “certificate of basic multidisciplinary module. In addition, the second-level specialisation module concludes with a final paper, which is defended orally in front of a jury and involves questions. Those who pass this test earn a “certificate of additional training of level II prevention advisor.

The written exam:

  • The exambasic multidisciplinary module consists of 30 multiple choice questions supplemented by 2 open-ended questions. This is an open book exam.
  • The exam specialisation module of the second level consists of 20 multiple choice questions supplemented by 2 open-ended questions. This is an open book exam.

The exams are strictly individual.

The oral examination consists of the defense of a final paper. The coordinator will further discuss the content, structure and defense of this final paper later during the academic year. The presentation is done in front of a jury. Also invited is a representative from the Federal Public Service FPS Supervision Welfare at Work. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session structured primarily around the theme of the thesis.

Students will communicate at the end of the academic year which period they prefer for the defense of their final thesis. The deadline for submission and defense of the final paper should not exceed 12 months after the end of the theoretical course. There are 3 oral examination sessions : the September – October session, the January – February or May – June session of the following calendar year. The signed documents “agreed supervisor final work” and “agreed library” must be delivered at the times specified by the Prevom & Cresept.

Further information regarding the preparation and defense of final papers + additional notes, evaluation – and points systems, etc … will be provided during classes.

Follow-up of the quality of the final work is ensured by a supervisor who is generally part of the collective of teaching staff. This supervisor will be designated for each student individually by Prevom & Cresept. The final paper will be bound in 4 copies, delivered along with a digital version in PDF format.

Illegal absence from the exam, use of cell phone or cheating during the exam means immediate expulsion.

The language of instruction is Dutch. Work papers, final work and its oral defense are done in Dutch.

Anyone resitting for an oral exam will be charged an administrative fee for doing so.

If you do not participate in the exam or training, you cannot obtain a certificate/attestation. To obtain a certificate/attestation, you must of course pass the examination/internal test.

The specialization is successfully completed with a written examination and the defense of a final paper before a jury.
Participants will receive a certificate of additional training for Level II prevention advisors.

Cancellations must always be communicated in writing (by post or email).

  • Started training: in case of withdrawal during the training or on the scheduled training day, the total amount of the registration fee will be billed.
  • Before the start of the training: if cancelled before the start of the training, a contribution will be requested to cover expenses incurred and any fines. This fee is 10% of the price of the training if cancelled prior to the 5th day before the training. The full registration fee is due if the training is cancelled during the 5 working days prior to the training.

An enrolled person can always be replaced by someone else from the same organisation.

No refund of the registration fee (course fee) will be accepted in the event of an absence, authorized or otherwise, from a course or study day.

We reserve the right to cancel a course in the event of insufficient enrollment or for any other reason such as the unexpected availability of the instructor or trainer. In such cases, Prevom & Cresept shall not be liable for damages. If appropriate, we will notify those registered and agree with them on a later date or the full refund of the amount already paid.

Registrations to our trainings and study days are recorded as they are received.

Registrations that come in after the maximum number of participants for a training or study day has been reached are placed on a waiting list. They may be rescheduled to a subsequent session with the participant’s agreement.