Easily obtain your personal SCC with Prevom!

Both individuals and companies benefit from personal SCC certification.

Having a personal SCC certificate in your pocket can be the difference between taking another step in your career and missing out on a job offer.

Companies realise all too well that employees who work safely work better!

Therefore, seize this opportunity to become SCC certified, so we can work together toward a safer workplace for all.

SCC basic training

A course with a strong focus on safety in practice:
that's what the SCC basic training excels at.

At Prevom we believe that any employee (regardless of industry) would benefit greatly from an SCC basic certification.
In fact, in this course you will learn the most important basic insights and fundamental concepts of safety and prevention in a clear, hands-on manner. The added value speaks for itself: anyone who successfully completes this training will think about the safety of their actions more often in the future.
So it is definitely worth setting aside a day to attend this short but powerful course.

Perfect for beginners

SCC basic training is perfectly suited for people with little or no experience.

All in one day

Little time for training?
The training and exam can take place in one day!

SCC VOL training

Secure leadership

This training teaches the skills necessary for executives to actively create a safer workplace.

Strong support

In addition to answering questions, our experts share their years of experience.

The SCC training for executives.

A leader with SCC VOL accreditation inspires other employees to commit to a safer workplace every day: they transform a prevention policy from a concept on paper to concrete changes in actions and attitudes in the workplace.

Therefore, SCC VOL training is a very worthwhile investment for both the employee taking the training and the employer who enjoys the benefits of increased safety awareness among employees who come into daily contact with various hazards and risks.

Prevom’s VOL training is modularly structured with content that is always 100% consistent with current welfare law and applicable best practices in safety and prevention.


SCC basic

70 excl. VAT
  • Training excluded
  • Renew your SCC for 10 years
  • Exam only takes 1 hour

SCC basic
training + examination

200 excl. VAT
  • Training included
  • Professional guidance
  • Training & exam in 1 day


85 excl. VAT
  • Training excluded
  • Strong experience required
  • Exam takes approx. 1.5 hours

training + examination

305 excl. VAT
  • Training included
  • Professional guidance
  • 12 hours of classes in total


Below is an overview of upcoming training sessions.
Each session begins at 08:00 and ends at 16:30. The training and exam happen on the same day.
Contact us or book your training through our online platform.

SCC basic

15/03/2024 [NL]
18/04/2024 [NL]
30/04/2024 [EN]
06/05/2024 [FR]
14/05/2024 [NL]

13/06/2024 [NL]
09/09/2024 [NL]
01/10/2024 [EN]
17/10/2024 [NL]

22/10/2024 [FR]
14/11/2024 [NL]
03/12/2024 [EN]
17/12/2024 [NL]

SCC VOL (2-days)

21/03/2024 + 22/03/2024 [NL]
16/04/2024 + 17/04/2024 [EN]
25/04/2024 + 26/04/2024 [NL]
23/05/2024 + 24/05/2024 [EN]

14/10/2024 + 15/10/2024 [EN]
27/05/2024 + 28/05/2024 [FR]
20/06/2024 + 21/06/2024 [NL]
16/09/2024 + 17/09/2024 [FR]

26/09/2024 + 27/09/2024 [NL]
07/11/2024 + 08/11/2024 [NL]
26/11/2024 + 27/11/2024 [FR]
12/12/2024 + 13/12/2024 [NL]

Prevom: a recognised training partner

We attach great importance to the quality of our training courses. This is why we make every effort to continue to guarantee this high quality.

Prevom has obtained various qualifications and recognitions thanks to this proactive attitude.

More information on all our accreditations can be found here.

Prevom is a recognised service provider under the SME portfolio.

Thanks to this recognition, your company can make use of financial concessions from the SME-P for our training courses.


Prevom has successfully completed a Qfor audit.

This quality label (aimed at training courses and consultancy) is indicative of the quality of our training courses.

We are committed to guaranteeing the quality of our training courses in various ways.

Prevom is a BeSaCC-approved examination centre. This means that Prevom is officially allowed to conduct exams for personal SCC certificates (SCC basic and SCC SOM).

Prevom works together with various organisations in the construction sector.

Our customers are therefore eligible for a premium for certain relevant training courses (such as safety training for the construction sector).

Interested? Contact us!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

SCC basic training takes one full working day (8 hours) followed by a one-hour exam.
The SCC VOL course covers two working days (12 hours) with a subsequent exam on the last day of class lasting about an hour and a half.

Don’t have time for training, or have you already had training? It is always possible to join an exam without taking the course. This mainly takes place in the evening, after a training day.

You will receive a legally valid diploma from Prevom. Your diploma will also be entered into the central diploma register – this means that an employer or potential employer can easily see that you have obtained a valid personal SCC certificate.

If you took a course at Prevom, we can provide you with a duplicate. We can’t provide duplicates for diplomas that were issued by another center.

In addition, a valid SCC diploma is always centrally registered: click here to consult the central diploma register.

As an individual, you are more than welcome regardless of which sector you work in. You don’t need any specific knowledge or experience for the SCC basic training either.

Absolutely! Contact us for a free quote or more information about our offer.

We are happy to offer a solution tailored to your company. Our experts move all over Flanders to provide quality training for your staff.

Prevom has a fair and transparent policy – so there are no hidden or additional fees. Both professional and private customers always receive a valid VAT invoice.

In case of no-show or cancellation by the client, the registration fee/invoice remains due.

If you do not participate in the examination or training, you can’t obtain a certificate/attestation either. To obtain a certificate/attestation, you must of course pass the examination/internal test.

Naturally, we will try to ensure that an examination or training opportunity never has to be cancelled by Prevom. Nevertheless, should this happen due to exceptional reasons or extreme circumstances, you will be notified by telephone or email. The registration fee will be refunded in full in the event of cancellation by Prevom, without any additional compensation on top of the initial amount you paid when booking.