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We combine the benefits of traditional teaching, e-learning and exercises.
This way, prevention and safety works better for everyone!

Work more safely thanks to our training

Recognitions & quality guarantee

At Prevom, we are proud of our recognised qualifications in the training sector.

Our accreditations guarantee that we offer high-quality training courses that are both theoretical and practice-oriented.

Prevom is recognised as a service provider by the Flemish government for the SME portfolio, as a result of which companies can receive up to 30% subsidies. Our recognition number: DV.O245622

If you want to use the SME portfolio for training, please fill in our contact form instead of going through our online platform.

Prevom is also an approved service provider by WSE (Work & Social Economy) of the Flemish government. This entitles our training PAIII to Flemish training leave. Recognition number: ODB-1002616

Prevom is also Qfor certified, giving you, the customer, the guarantee that you are working with a quality partner.

Certificate number: BE22102

Through our cooperation with various organisations in the construction sector (Constructiv, Confederatie Bouw), our customers are eligible for a premium for certain relevant training courses. This, for example, for our Construction Safety Training according to Collective Labour Agreement: companies affiliated to Constructiv receive 35 euros per person back for this training.

Prevom is a BeSaCC recognised examination centre. This allows us to conduct exams for personal SCC certificates, both for SCC Basic, VOL and VIL.

Choose quality, choose Prevom.

Safety training

Safety training: the way to prevent accidents.

According to figures from Fedris (the Federal Agency for Occupational Risks), approximately 127,296 workplace accidents occurred in the year 2022.

Of these workplace accidents, 19% were caused by incorrect movement, and as many as 20% by loss of control of a machine.

Prevom is convinced that regular safety training plays a critical prevention role here.

Discover our offer and contact us to go over the possibilities for your company!


Personal SCC training

The ideal complement to a company SCC: staff with their own SCC certificate.

Prevom offers SCC basic and SCC VOL training courses to both private individuals and professionals/employees. These courses are highly practice-oriented and perfectly aligned with the reality in the
workplace – this way each trainee can smoothly put the insights gained into practice. Discover our training courses, and contact us to set an exam date.

Let Prevom train you as a prevention advisor!

The Prevention Advisor III training course strikes a balance between practice and theory.

This is of interest, for example, to:

  • Companies that want to appoint someone internally to maintain the prevention policy
  • Managers of type D companies (<20 people) who wish to direct the policy themselves
  • Private individuals who want to expand their skill set in the field of safety

Interested? Contact us for more information and planning.

The Level II Prevention Advisor training course, delivered by our partner Cresept, is a legally defined training course, which ends with exams and a final paper, after which you will receive the official Level II Prevention Advisor certificate.

This is of interest, for example, to:

  • Level 3 prevention advisors who want to further enhance their knowledge of safety & wellness.
  • Employees who may take Level 2 training from their company and will be head of the prevention service in a Group B company.
  • Employees who may a training for their company to be the adjunct of a level 1 in a company group A.
  • Employees whose company requires Level 1 Prevention Advisor training and wants to take the basic multidisciplinary module.

Interested? Contact us for more information and planning.

Please note that you cannot use the SME portfolio for this specific course.