Basic training prevention advisor III

Start confidently and correctly thanks to Prevom!

Level III training is the basic training for any new prevention adviser.

Just as a stable foundation is important for a building, correct initial training is essential for any consultant.

Teaching method

Customised course

A customised course carefully created by our experienced teachers in collaboration with the prevention team is used.

Teaching moments

For each module, a teaching moment will take place where a Prevom instructor will introduce students to the subject, with plenty of time for questions and interaction.

Module-based learning

The course consists of about 10 modules, spread over five contact moments.
This makes it easy to keep track of course progress.

Content and structure

The regulatory and overarching structure in terms of safety and prevention legislation in Belgium is explained.
We go over the different legislations, how they fit together, as well as the importance of Codex and the standards set.

A first introduction to the framework of a legally compliant prevention policy.

We go over the different components of the dynamic risk management system, the mandatory plans (global prevention plan / annual action plan) and the corresponding administrative obligations and formal requirements.

In addition, the trainee will learn all the important methods, terms and other considerations needed to perform an in-depth and correct risk analysis.

We go over the various fire risks that a prevention adviser may encounter in the field, before discussing in detail the form and importance of a strong fire prevention policy.

First aid is a hugely important part of a prevention policy – every prevention consultant does their best to prevent accidents, but a careful first aid policy is critical to minimise the impact of accidents in the workplace.

We also look at where special workers (such as trainees, job students, temporary workers, etc.) fit legally and practically in the context of prevention.

Gaining insights into the different types of workplace accidents, their causes and consequences is important for a prevention consultant.
Our experts orient the trainees, showing a lot of practical and concrete examples to provide a clear picture of the reality in the workplace in different sectors within Belgium.

Prevention is not limited to the actions of workers in direct contact with high-risk equipment, agents and operations.

We elaborate on the more subtle concepts within prevention (ergonomics, hygiene, psychosocial aspects) that are important when putting together a prevention policy that also takes into account less conspicuous factors, and respects the danger of creeping risks such as, for example, poor seating position or poor hygiene in a shared space.

Chemical agents play an indispensable role within numerous sectors and companies in Belgium.
They can speed up processes and simplify work, but it is hugely important to exercise sufficient patience, precision and caution.

We go over the existing risks, the prevention framework and the various conditions and legislations surrounding them.

Who exactly plays what role, and how does this fit together in practice?

We go over the obligations, partnerships and responsibilities that shape correct and decisive policies.

In this module, we take a strong practical view: we go over numerous risks and their corresponding prevention profiles within the context of practice.

We elaborate on the role that machines play in the daily reality of a company, what risks they pose and how a prevention policy can provide an answer to this.
In addition, we go over in detail the different forms of protective equipment, and how, in practice, they are an important factor in protecting both workers and externals.

40 hours of learning

The course covers 40 hours, spread between lessons and individual practice and test moments.

Interactive learning

Our experts are happy to share their years of experience in different sectors with our trainees.

Lunch included

Lunch will be provided during each teaching day for a rest with your favourite sandwich.


Below is an overview of upcoming training sessions.
Each session consists of 5 staggered training days (from 8:00 to 17:00) with an exam on the last day)

Booking method

Booking can be done via our online platform (with direct confirmation and payment) as well as via e-mail or telephone.

If you need more information or support, you can always reach us!

September / October


1050 per person
  • 5 complete days
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch included

Target audience


This training allows you to train someone within your own company,
with numerous benefits for your business!

So your new PA III can take control of your prevention policy -
no one is closer to reality than your own staff.

Combine this with occasional support from an external expert
and you will have a prevention policy in no time!


What you do yourself, you usually do better.

As a manager of a (small) company, do you want to compose your own prevention policy in a correct and professional manner?

Thanks to this training, you will know exactly what you are getting into, both practically and legally.

Private individuals

Thanks to a PA III training, you have a strong fundamental understanding of safety, prevention and the associated welfare law.

It gives a (future) employer an additional reason to hire you: it helps them comply with the welfare law, even if you are hired to mainly perform an entirely different job.

Prevom: a recognised training partner

We attach great importance to the quality of our training courses. This is why we make every effort to continue to guarantee this high quality.

Prevom has obtained various qualifications and recognitions thanks to this proactive attitude.

More information on all our accreditations can be found here.

Prevom is a recognised service provider under the SME portfolio.

Thanks to this recognition, your company can make use of financial concessions from the SME-P for our training courses.

Prevom has successfully completed a Qfor audit.

This quality label (aimed at training courses and consultancy) is indicative of the quality of our training courses.

We are committed to guaranteeing the quality of our training courses in various ways.

Prevom is a BeSaCC-approved examination centre. This means that Prevom is officially allowed to conduct exams for personal SCC certificates (SCC basic and SCC SOM).

Prevom works together with various organisations in the construction sector.

Our customers are therefore eligible for a premium for certain relevant training courses (such as safety training for the construction sector).

Prevom: a recognised training partner

We attach great importance to the quality of our training courses. This is why we make every effort to continue to guarantee this high quality.

Prevom has obtained various qualifications and recognitions thanks to this proactive attitude.

“From experience, we know that complicated legislation combined with an initial lack of practical experience makes drawing up or updating a prevention policy challenging for a recently trained prevention adviser.

Therefore, we like to combine a training course with a few hours of on-site consulting where we have the brand new prevention advisor assisted by a Prevom expert with years of experience within their sector.”

Stijn de Laet

Managing partner

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, no specific prior knowledge is required for this training.

As an individual, you are more than welcome regardless of which sector you work in.

Yes, if you pass the exam, you will receive the certificate valid in Belgium.

Yes, an attendance list is filled in at each class.

We are happy to offer a solution tailored to your company. Our experts move all over Flanders to give your staff high-quality training. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote/tailor-made training.

Yes, if your employer requires a certificate of attendance, we can give you one after each class.

In case of no-show or cancellation by the client, the registration fee/invoice remains due.

If you do not participate in the examination or training, you cannot obtain a certificate/attestation either. To obtain a certificate/attestation, you must of course pass the examination/internal test.

Naturally, we will try to ensure that an examination or training opportunity never has to be cancelled by Prevom. Nevertheless, should this happen due to exceptional reasons or extreme circumstances, you will be notified by telephone or email. The registration fee will be refunded in full in the event of cancellation by Prevom, without any additional compensation on top of the initial amount you paid when booking.