Recognising Asbestos

Asbestos in buildings remains a common problem in Belgium. Are you interested in learning how to recognise this dangerous material?

There is no doubt about the dangers of asbestos. Since the 2006 Royal Decree, all construction workers who come into contact with asbestos are required to undergo training on the handling of this material.

As a construction professional, it is vital that you can recognise asbestos and asbestos-containing materials in all their forms. Only after you have developed this skill can you proceed with safe asbestos removal.

Our training focuses on understanding the risks and hazards of confined spaces, as well as teaching methods for dealing with these risks.


The training covers approximately 8 hours and
takes place on one day.
Annual continuing education of 8 hours is mandatory.

Certificate of participation

After training and internal testing, we provide a certificate of participation.


€ 1200 excl. VAT (total)
for up to 12 participants.




Prevom: a recognised training partner

We attach great importance to the quality of our training courses. This is why we make every effort to continue to guarantee this high quality.

Prevom has obtained various qualifications and recognitions thanks to this proactive attitude.

More information on all our accreditations can be found here.

Prevom is a recognised service provider under the SME portfolio.

Thanks to this recognition, your company can make use of financial concessions from the SME-P for our training courses.


Prevom has successfully completed a Qfor audit.

This quality label (aimed at training courses and consultancy) is indicative of the quality of our training courses.

We are committed to guaranteeing the quality of our training courses in various ways.

Prevom is a BeSaCC-approved examination centre. This means that Prevom is officially allowed to conduct exams for personal SCC certificates (SCC basic and SCC SOM).

Prevom works together with various organisations in the construction sector.

Our customers are therefore eligible for a premium for certain relevant training courses (such as safety training for the construction sector).

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Prevom organises the perfect asbestos recognition training for your company.

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