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Fire Prevention File

Worry-free compliance and safety with our fire prevention file.

We take care of the details, your company complies with regulations & you enjoy a safe workplace.
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Risk analysis

Leave no room for uncertainty.

Our thorough risk analysis exposes every potential hazard and suggests effective prevention strategies.
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Intervention file

Efficient help starts with our intervention file.

It provides emergency services with immediate, crucial details, for a targeted and rapid response in case of emergencies.
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Evacuation plan

No exit out of sight.

Our evacuation plans are clear, accessible and tested, for maximum safety during critical moments.
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Signalisation study

We show the way, you stay safe.

With our signalisation study, every emergency exit, extinguisher and assembly point is clearly marked.
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Fire safety for electric vehicles in parking lots

Electric vehicles are gaining ground, spurred in part by government initiatives, and are naturally present in covered parking lots. In response to incidents and the various opinions circulating, there is growing concern about fire safety regulations related to these vehicles.
A clear, practical standard for fire safety related to electric vehicles in parking lots, drafted and supported by relevant stakeholders, is therefore essential.
Fireforum’s good practice standard (Electric Vehicles in Parking Facilities – RGV EV 20231002b) addresses fire safety related to electric and plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles and charging infrastructure in both new and existing regular-use parking facilities.
Prevom can help you prepare a risk analysis for this. Contact usfor more information.
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At Prevom, fire safety is synonymous with peace of mind. We understand that rules are important, but even more important is the sense of security for your team and the protection of your business. We provide clarity in the maze of fire safety requirements.
Our approach is clear: we assess the risks and address them effectively, allowing you to focus on your business. Simple, hassle-free.
Choose Prevom and leave fire safety to us. That way, you will continue to run your business carefree, with the assurance that everything is properly taken care of.

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Choose a safe future with Prevom. For a thorough, reliable and expert approach to your fire safety, we are always ready.
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