We reduce the risks:
fire risk analysis.

Our mode of operation

Site visit & introduction

We visit your company under supervision to get a good idea of ​​the workplaces and to get to know the employees and their routines.

Developing the risk analysis

After the visit, our team processes the collected data and draws up a tailor-made risk analysis in our back office.


We deliver the completed risk assessment to the customer and remain available for any questions or updates.

Practical effect

Our experts ensure prioritization of the measures and proposals for practical solutions. This is especially interesting for industry, petrochemicals and Seveso companies.
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Expert guides

In a world where safety comes first, understanding and managing fire risks is critical for every business. In accordance with the legal obligations, as laid down in the Royal Decree of 28th March 2014, carrying out a thorough risk analysis for fire safety is essential and mandatory.

At Prevom we understand that every environment is unique and requires a specific approach. Our fire safety risk assessment has been carefully designed to meet these legal requirements and to identify and address your specific needs. We take on this responsibility so that you can focus on your core activities, with the assurance of a safer working environment. Our experts always stay informed by recycling standards and regulations.

Request a free fire scan

This will tell you within half an hour which aspects of fire legislation are already in line and which still need attention.

We will also help you prioritise: which aspects deserve immediate attention, which hazards exist and which steps can be taken.