No way out of sight: draw up an evacuation plan

According to Belgian law, every employer is obliged to provide evacuation plans for locations where people stay.

Drawing up an evacuation plan is also very important for safety. Inspections by the Federal Public Service for Welfare at Work regularly check the presence of evacuation plans. The fire brigade can also make comments in the fire brigade report during prevention visits.

Drawing up an evacuation plan also contributes to a safe working environment.

Our mode of operation

Floor plans

We would first like to receive the digital floor plans of your building(s).


We inventorise all fire extinguishers, push buttons, emergency exits, etc. on site.

Escape routes

We determine the escape routes and the locations where the evacuation plans should be posted.

Evacuation plan

We draw up the plans and ensure that the plans are officially posted.

Don’t hesitate and contact us to provide your building(s) with clear evacuation plans.

Choosing Prevom means choosing total peace of mind in fire safety. Your peace of mind is our priority. We understand the complexity of fire prevention and use our expertise to ensure that your company not only complies with all legal obligations, but also to guarantee a safe workplace. Our team takes care of the entire process, from risk analysis to evacuation plans and maintenance of safety equipment. With Prevom as a partner, you can focus on your business operations while we ensure a fire-safe and secure feeling. Your safety is our mission.

Request a free fire scan

This will tell you within half an hour which aspects of fire legislation are already in line and which still need attention.

We will also help you prioritise: which aspects deserve immediate attention, which hazards exist and which steps can be taken.