Signalisation study:
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A signalisation study is a detailed analysis and evaluation of the signaling needs within a specific location, such as a building, site or complex. The purpose of a signalisation study is to determine which signals and indications are necessary to ensure a safe and efficient evacuation for the users of that location.

In accordance with legislation, regulations and standards, we determine the signage taking into account the correct height, dimensions and visibility.

Our mode of operation

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Site visit

Our analyst makes an initial visit to the location in agreement with the client.

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Legal requirements

We look at the legal regulations and guidelines regarding signage, such as safety signage, accessibility standards, etc.


Identification of crucial points

We identify important areas where signals are needed, such as emergency exits, escape routes, fire extinguishers, first aid stations, etc.


Selection of suitable signage

We choose the right signage elements, such as pictograms, signs, markings and lighting, that meet the needs of the location and comply with legal standards. Signage must also be thoughtfully applied to avoid unnecessary indications.
We will prepare your file based on this information.

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Placement of signage

If we carry out the signalisation study, we can also arrange its installation.
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