Temporary replacement of a prevention advisor

Tips for a proper transfer.

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Choosing a temporary replacement


There are several reasons for temporarily replacing a prevention advisor.
Common reasons are illness, maternity leave or personal absence of the prevention advisor.
It may also occur that the prevention advisor holds other positions within the company and simply does not have enough time for a certain period of time to properly perform the duties of the prevention advisor. For this reasons, it is interesting to add a temporary replacement.

What are the conditions?

The law provides extensive protections for the prevention advisor. Firing or (temporarily) replacing a prevention advisor is therefore subject to strict measures.
It is necessary to obtain prior approval from the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPBW) or a substitute body. This applies to both temporary and permanent replacements of an internal prevention advisor. Companies with fewer than 50 employees often do not have a Committee for prevention and protection at work (CPPW) In this case, the union delegation takes over and gives the green light for the replacement.
If there is neither a CPPW nor a union delegation in your company, the workers themselves are called upon.

Who can replace the prevention advisor?

The replacement prevention advisor must basically meet the same standards as the current prevention advisor, which largely depend on the size and activities of your company. It is essential to ensure that the temporary prevention advisor has the right skills and an adequate level of training.
Experience in your industry is a big plus for a (potential) replacement, as it greatly enhances the temporary consultant’s smoother transition.

How do you find a replacement?

In some cases, such as sudden illness, your company may need a replacement at very short notice, especially if there are important prevention-related deadlines ahead.
However, it is not easy to appoint a replacement internally at short notice. Moreover, it is strongly discouraged to replace an experienced prevention advisor with an internal alternative with little or no experience.
Prevom has found that in such cases it is often more interesting to hire an external prevention advisor to ensure continuity.

The profile of the replacement

It is common knowledge that the right person for the job can make a significant difference. In our services, we always strive to match the ideal profile with what the client is looking for. This facilitates takeover of the work by the replacement advisor, resulting in excellent client outcomes. It is advisable to not only look at diplomas and certificates, but also at the candidate prevention advisor’ s industry or trade-related experience.

Does there have to be an emergency with a replacement?

No, the legislation does not specify examples or requirements for the reason for replacement.
If replacement is needed regularly (for example, during busy periods), it may be easier to appoint multiple prevention advisors. An outside prevention advisor to assist when necessary can be a valuable addition to your prevention policy. This way, the quality of your policy will be guaranteed despite any busyness or lack of time for the in-house prevention advisor.
For example, the internal prevention advisor may deal with tasks that need to take place during the year, while the external advisor helps meet annual obligations and prepare reports or analyses.

Can a company prepare for a replacement?

The best way to prepare for a possible replacement is to have clear documentation.
When the current prevention advisor leaves for whatever reason, it is crucial that the replacement advisor be able to pick up the thread easily. Keeping accurate and clear records of the location of all prevention-related documents, completed tasks and other useful information makes a big difference. This not only makes replacement easier, but also improves the work of the current prevention advisor and facilitates the use of outside help.

How much does a replacement cost?

This usually depends on three factors:

It goes without saying that replacing a prevention advisor for an insurance agency costs less than replacing a Level 1 prevention advisor for a company in the petrochemical industry.
The duration of the replacement (and the tasks the replacement takes on) is also an important factor. For example, if the replacement takes over regular tasks (such as analyses, tests, inspections) for several months, the cost will be lower. However, if the replacement has to quickly prepare everything to meet annual targets, they will have to do more work and the cost will be higher.

Can Prevom appoint a replacement?

Prevom has extensive experience in providing prevention profiles for both temporary replacements and long-term assistance.
We can temporarily replace your in-house prevention service or support it with a suitable profile for your company.
Contact us by phone or email to discuss your company’s needs and receive a completely free quote.

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