Welcoming new employees

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The how, what and why of a prevention reception

What does the legislation say?

Welcoming new employees is a crucial part of welfare policy in any company. Full regulations regarding the welcoming of new employees can be found in the Codex on Welfare at Work, Book 1, Title 2 Chapter III.
This lays down several obligations for the employer:

If the employer wishes, they can also organize the reception themselves and prepare and sign all the documents.

Legal standards provide a framework for reception. However, it is advisable to go beyond what is mandatory to achieve optimal results.

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Of a welcome?

Who is responsible?

The prepared document/evidence must be maintained by the prevention service as required by law according to Art. II 6° of the codex (found in Book 2). Despite the many responsibilities of the designated person, the employer still bears ultimate responsibility.

What does a welcome look like?

Welcoming a new employee to safety and prevention is somewhat separate from the rest of the welcoming process. It need not be about vacations, overtime or pay; this mandatory welcome includes only the necessary information in terms of prevention. The welcome is not so much about duration as it is about content.
A good welcome meets the following criteria:

According to Prevom, these are the minimum conditions for a successful welcome.

Who does the reception?

But who exactly is this “designated person”?
Generally, these are employees in leadership roles, such as managers, department heads, foremen, … It is advisable to choose someone who is (to some extent) close to the new employee, which will make it easier for the designated person to fulfill their duty of following up on the employee’s inaction on safety.
Also remember that an experienced employee must be assigned to the new employee. Make sure this is a person who can set an example of safety. In practice, this often takes the form of a “godfather/meter” relationship between the new employee and a more experienced colleague. This certainly adds to the impact of the new acquisition.

When should the reception take place?

Article I.2-21 of the codex speaks of a “formation” that must take place in the following situations:

This means that not only new employees are eligible for welcome/formation. So be sure not to forget to also organize a point of contact when there is an internal promotion or job change to be fully compliant with regulations.

What does the welcome document say?

The main purpose of a welcome brochure is to convey important information in a very clear way. So don’t overload the new employee with 20 pages of text.

Make sure the content of the document is clear, relevant and up-to-date.
A welcome document is an important part of a company’s safety policy. Therefore, it should be a living document that is regularly reviewed and modified (if necessary) to ensure that the new employee is always given the information needed to start safely.
Stick to the point; it is not the intention to cover everything at once. The welcome document should cover all fundamental information and provide a strong introduction.

Make the welcoming experience even better

Putting effort into welcoming a new employee can have a strong positive effect on security within your company. That’s why it pays to go the extra mile.
Walk the new employee through the workplace, explain where (new) protective equipment can be found, show the emergency exits, fire extinguishers and first-aid cabinet. All these small actions contribute to a strong and healthy security policy.
Prevom is happy to assist your company in drawing up a welcome procedure so that your company complies perfectly with the legislation in force.

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